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General Rules & System Information

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WLPW (World League Professional Wrestling) is first a foremost a collaborative story building RPG that is set in a fictional pro-wrestling company environment. Players take on the roles of fresh faced (or older individuals who have decided to take the plunge into this new career choice) who are looking to climb the ranks and make something of themselves in one of the premier professional wrestling companies in the world. The most important goal of this game is to have fun and have an outlet for all that amassed creative energy you must have bubbling about and swirling within your brain.

To get a taste of the particular wrestling culture and flavour that WLPW embodies, please peruse the World Setting and Universe section of these forums.


What makes WLPW slightly unique in comparison to other active EFEDS out there is that the wrestler roster and in-game world operates totally independent of the overall level of actual PC ("Player controlled") wrestlers. More specifically, the roster is already established and is predominantly composed of NPC (Non-Player Controlled) wrestlers who continue to compete, feud, turn heel/face/anti-hero, engage in story lines - angles, have their own ambitions / agendas and go about their own business to ensure a continual living, breathing company world for the remaining PC wrestlers - players and moderators. This way, things always stay interesting for everyone, the company still feels real and cards / shows keep coming with angles, stories and matches. So, whether I have one player or fifty five, the show will forever go on and committed players will continue to have a place to indulge their fantasy pro-wrestling urges.

Invariably, player attrition (i.e sudden disappearances,  quitting etc) is a very real problem for any online game and anyone starting a game can expect a realistic 50% - 75% player loss rate at any given time. In addition to being incredibly frustrating for everyone still involved in the game, this can seriously damage the fun factor and overall viability of a game when a PC wrestler is the center of a major story line, is a main event wrestler or is holding a main event title belt. I feel that having this type of NPC dominated world and roster greatly downplays being left in the cold when a fellow participant leaves us hanging and now having to contend with a glaring hole in a current angle - story line. As a moderator, I can have an NPC wrestler step in (to fill out an upcoming PPV match or developing angle) and with a little discussion and imagination on my part and on the part of the remaining player, we can patch the hole.  Simply relying upon a roster made entirely of PC wrestlers opens WLPW up to being damaged in either the short or long run-- never mind not being able to recruit enough players to have a sizable pool of wrestlers with which to use.

Bottom line, even if we're down to just one player and myself as the sole moderator, we still have the potential to have fun. We will keep soldiering along.


WLPW's system uses a straight up 50/50 hybrid combination in order to determine the ultimate fate of your wrestlers.

The first part of this system is the usual standard operating procedure role-playing judging that is fairly common to most up and running EFEDS; basically, how great your wrestlers play up their gimmicks (properly being in-character while in the game forums), well constructed and poignant promos, great ideas / angles / story lines that you the player come up with to fuel fan interest in your wrestler and just how well your wrestler comes across in interacting with the other PC wrestlers, NPC wrestlers, the powers that be in this company and the fictional general public who consume WLPW's product. For the more creative and well written of you, this should be a piece of cake. Let's face it: what would wrestling be without interesting characters? Thus, this is the one side to your various wrestlers' paths to success.

Usually, the role-playing aspect to the gaming system plays a heavy hand in deciding if your character gets a push; as in title shots, taking the top contender spot for a title, progressing in rank ( (going up from lower midcarder to midcarder etc), getting more air time on TV, getting booked on important PPV events, being invited to exclusive stables (and locker room groups) and everything else that comes with playing a wrestler who manages to separate themselves from the rest of the roster by connecting with the fan base--either negatively as a heel, positively as a face or as something more in-between as is now more prevalent in modern wrestling. So, getting your wrestlers over with the fictional public and being a great role-player gets your wrestler noticed by management and other more prominent workers in WLPW. Pretty much just like in the real world.


Grammar (5%): No, I'm not the Nazi grammar Gestapo. Still, you should know the difference between 'their' and 'there' and 'your' and 'you're.' A few obvious typos are not going to have you lose points in this category--they even happen to the best of us after all. However, try to use proper grammar as much as possible.

Style (25%): This category concerns the overall quality of your prose; how descriptive are you in telling the reader what he or she is experiencing? Putting effort into crafting a thoughtful

for angles - story lines and a light dice rolling point/dot gaming system that deals with w the actual in match tactics   tactical-strategic-light gaming system


Players will be controlling 'opener' or 'enhancement talent' level wrestlers who are totally devoid


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